Best Camping/Hiking Tent Footprint – Reviews and Guide 2021

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Last Update: 10.Nov.2020

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Marmot Orbit 4P Footprint

The Marmot Footprint is a smart addition to your Marmot Orbit 4 Person Tent. The footprint is designed specifically for the tent and can help protect the bottom from damage. Footprint protects the tent floor from damage & prevents ground water from wicking inside prolonging the life of your tent.
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Big Agnes Titan 4 Footprint

Protect the floor of your tent and extend its useful life. It's sized to fit the floor of the Big Agnes Titan 4 mtnGLO Tent and designed so it doesn't channel rain under the tent. It also allows you to use the fly without the tent's inner body to create a versatile rain or sun shelter.




Last Update: 10.Nov.2020

Tent footprints are an essential part that are easily overlooked. The bottom of the camps are in the most vulnerable position because of direct contact with the ground. Of course, this causes easy to wear and tear.

The best tent footprints help in ensuring that the shelter is safe from the direct ground. The common confusion is that it is a tarp. However, it is very different as it lies under the shelter instead of over it. It is like a ground tarp under the shelter.

Let us look deep into the best camping tent footprint and all about it.

Big Agnes Titan 4 Footprint

To extend the life of your Big Agnes Titan 4 mtnGLO® tent floor, use this Titan 4 footprint. It also enables you to pitch a lightweight, fast fly shelter while leaving the tent body behind.
Protect the floor of your tent and extend its useful life. It's sized to fit the floor of the Big Agnes Titan 4 mtnGLO Tent and designed so it doesn't channel rain under the tent. It also allows you to use the fly without the tent's inner body to create a versatile rain or sun shelter.
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Ultra lightweight



no seen

Marmot Orbit 4P Footprint

Effectively repelling moisture and protecting the tent floor from abrasions, scuffs, and punctures, the rugged Marmot Orbit 4P footprint is designed to fit snugly beneath your Marmot Orbit 4P tent.
The Marmot Footprint is a smart addition to your Marmot Orbit 4 Person Tent. The footprint is designed specifically for the tent and can help protect the bottom from damage. Footprint protects the tent floor from damage & prevents ground water from wicking inside prolonging the life of your tent.
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Ultra lightweight


No seen

Best Camping Tent Footprint

REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp

The Red Camping comes under the best camping tent footprint category. The waterproofing is the first thing to mark off. 210D oxford ripstop polyester fabric is a strong and safe material for protection.
It also comes with its storage bag. The material is extremely easy to collapse which is why it is portable as easy to store as well. It has several sizes. There are straps on every few inches for options. You will not have to worry about getting the right size because you can fold it and use it without fail. Moreover, straps ensure a perfect partnership with tents. This is also a multifunctioning product. The feature allows it to work as a tarp as well. The machine-washable feature makes it an even better camping partner.
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Pretty cheap

Good waterproof


Doesn’t come with stakes or guy lines

Best Backpacking Tent Footprint

Terra Hiker

Terra tarp is one of the best backpacking tent footprints in the market. Moreover, it comes in many different colors for people who want to match it to the tent.
And it is perfect as a footprint or even a tarp. Moreover, it functions as a mat for the beach or picnic mat too. 210D Oxford cloth helps make it a very strong and waterproof. This tarp comes in several different sizes so you have to measure and get the right one for your use. Having loops to ensure proper tying without troubles. It comes with its own bag for storage and also instructions on how to make it very small by folding. This is so compact that fits like a small pouch on your bag pack. The lightweight material allows no hassle in portability.
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Easy to fold


Easy to carry

Nice quality


Not quite durable

Best Family Camping Tent Footprint

OUTAD footprint

The OutAd is the best family camping tent footprint that you will find. It works for multiple uses apart from as a footprint. In fact, it works great as a picnic mat too!
It comes in several different colors and standard sizes. 210 Oxford polyester fabric makes it waterproof and dustproof. It is also washable and tear-resistant. The durability is commendable and makes it worth it. You can wash it in the machine as well because of the properties. It comes with a storage pouch to ensure that you have no problems in carrying it. You can simply stick on the side of your tent bag to make sure that you never forget it. There are metal grommet eyelets as well to help you attach this if you want to.
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Very light

Very well made ground sheet

Fabric is completely waterproof

Very solid/robust


May tear under strong tension


Footprints for shelters are essentially much underrated. People know about them but avoid using them. They are in fact very reasonable in price and are an investment in the long run. So, let us look at the benefits of ground covers for shelters.

  • Increases Shelter Life. Directly setting up your camp is wrong. The abrasion of the shelter floor and floor easily ruins the life of the camp. No matter how strong your shelter is, it will lose to the twigs, pebbles, and other random stuff on the ground. Getting one is the best way to ensure that your shelter does not directly touch the ground and remains safe.
  • Comfort. Camp footprints are very comfortable as well. They make a barrier between the floor and the camp floor. This feature allows you to not feel the coolness or even warmness of the ground. In fact, it stops the pricking too if any. Not entirely, but to a certain point.
  • Pitching Becomes Easier. Spreading your camp footprint gives you a blueprint of where to pitch your shelter. This process saves a lot of time and a lot of guesswork. In fact, if you like to clear the place a little, you can do that too.

The Difference between a Tarp and Camp Footprint

Camp footprint vs tarp is a very common confusion. Tarps are for the whole camps. Tarps under tents allow the entire camp to remain under the protection of the weather. They usually protect the bottom of the tent.

Some shelters need extra care if you want them to last long. Both of these are not big in price, but big in use. However, tarps are potentially more heavy and bulky to carry around. They are generally bigger to save the camp in the entirety. On the other hand, footprints are soft and the exact size of the base of the camp.

What to Look For When Buying a Tent Footprint?

Getting the right product is tricky. However, here we discuss the best campground cover that you can pick by looking at the features.

Weight and Portability: They are generally light and easy to use. The material is polyurethane which is light and easy to carry around. Hence, if you find something heavy then it is not the best option.

Moreover, these are usually easily foldable. The material compresses very easily and it fits in the shelter bag or otherwise easily. A carry case makes it highly portable.

Storage : Storage options are key here. Generally footprints are easy to carry around. They are also very strong so you do not have to worry about the piece folding and ruining entirely. However, the quality factor is great here. Low-quality product can tear easily if they fold a lot.

Keep in mind that most of these come with a storage bag or carrying case. These cases work well in ensuring that the product remains safe.

Size: One of the most important points is to get the right size. Make sure to measure the base of your shelter to ensure that you get the right size. The sample size is two inches from the base of your shelter. Getting a bigger size is not ample. Since they are waterproof, they collect water/dust and otherwise. That may easily get inside your shelter if it overflows.

Getting a size too small is ineffective as well. One too small exposes the tent too much. Moreover, the best tarp for under shelter will have straps that will help maintain the level with the size.


Of course, anything you want to buy you will need the best quality. Getting a good quality footprint is important to protect your shelter. If you want a tarp for under shelter then it is important that the material is strong and durable. Even though people make use of tablecloths as well, we discourage it. They are used to ensure that the very expensive shelter remains under the protection of wear and tear.

Generally, the construction material will also factor in durability. High-quality polyurethane is usually the best option since it is waterproof and dustproof. However, there are other materials too which work the best.

How to Make a Tent Footprint?

Making a shelter footprint is not very difficult. Follow the steps to know how to make it and how to use a camp footprint made at home.

Step 1: Choose your material and measure the base of your camp. When purchasing the material make sure that you get two inches from the perimeter of the camp.

Step 2: When you have everything, then lay out the material on the floor. Trace the base of your camp with it.

Step 3: Cut it out and the best tarp for under camp is ready.

How to Use a Tent Footprint?

Using a camp footprint is no rocket science. Make sure to carry it everywhere with your camp. Just lay it flat on the ground that you want. This will serve as the perfect guide on where to place your camp and where to pitch.

Set up your camp on the surface and if there are straps, tie it up with the camp. Make sure that it is smaller than the camp.

Always hand washes your footprint with lukewarm water and some detergent. The machine may ruin properties such as being waterproof.


Tent footprints are perhaps the most underrated thing. However, we hope that reading about them changes your mind. They are generally not very heavy on the pocket. Just a few extra bucks allow you to easily protect your very expensive shelter.

Most of these work both ways as well. They work as a tarp, a beach/picnic mat, or just a regular mat to when you go out. If you get the right one, you can keep it in your handbag at all times for instant use. Especially when you use a tent, do not forget this. It will help you give a long life to your tent.


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