Best Camping/Hiking Watches – Reviews and Guide 2021

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Last Update: 11.Jun.2020

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Garmin fenix 6 Pro Multisport

Some people take quick trips to the gym to stay in shape, but your chosen methods of exercise involve heading into the mountains and staying there. With a super-durable construction and insane battery life, this watch is ready for multi-day adventures in rugged environments.
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Suunto 9 Baro

You're about 12 miles into your long run and wouldn't you know it, your watch has decided it's about to die here on top of this mountain. To prevent your 20+ mile day from becoming a ?+ mile day, there's the all new Suunto 9 Baro. Designed to balance battery saving and accurate GPS tracking, this watch is an invaluable tool for the dedicate long-distance athlete.

by Willie Test



Last Update: 11.Jun.2020

Do you want to add some fun to your camping? Or, you need to have well-informed hiking? If this is the case, then a good hiking watch is all you need.

These watches are capable of providing information about various important parameters. Hiking-specific watches are getting famous. Companies are also putting their efforts to launch the best models that give valuable technology with appealing designs.

So, are you planning to buy a hiking watch too? Here we are going to enlighten its different aspects.

It will aid in choosing the right camping partner for the next adventure. Keep scrolling and acquire valued information.

Garmin fenix 6 Pro Multisport

Work out smarter and harder. The Garmin fenix 6 Pro multisport GPS watch helps out by letting you add mapping, music, intelligent pace planning and more to your workouts.
Some people take quick trips to the gym to stay in shape, but your chosen methods of exercise involve heading into the mountains and staying there. With a super-durable construction and insane battery life, this watch is ready for multi-day adventures in rugged environments.
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PacePro and ClimbPro features keep you prepared for changing terrain

Durable GPS sport watch

Excellent app data management

Good battery life



Suunto 9 Baro

With up to 120 hrs. of continuous tracking, the Suunto 9 Baro GPS watch is built to last - just like you. It's been tested to withstand extreme conditions, so you can boldly pursue your goals.
You're about 12 miles into your long run and wouldn't you know it, your watch has decided it's about to die here on top of this mountain. To prevent your 20+ mile day from becoming a ?+ mile day, there's the all new Suunto 9 Baro. Designed to balance battery saving and accurate GPS tracking, this watch is an invaluable tool for the dedicate long-distance athlete.
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Performance mode (up to 25 hrs. of battery life)

Good looking

Endurance mode has 40 hrs

FusedTrack™ combines GPS and motion-sensor



Suunto Traverse GPS Multifunction Watch

The Suunto Traverse is a GPS and Glonass watch designed for hikers and trekkers who want to explore new terrain and value simplicity.
Your daily adventures consist of hiking unknown trails, backpacking to new peaks, climbing in the alpine, or surviving the chaotic concrete jungle, and Suunto's Traverse GPS Watch will be on your wrist no matter what. This watch uses both GPS and GLONASS systems for powerful accuracy so you can navigate with confidence.
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Decent accuracy great display

Great graphs

Built-in flashlight mode

Barometric trend and storm alarm


Poor wrist band

Benefits of using camping/hiking watches

The benefits of a navigation majorly depend on the timepiece you are using. They guide you about your instant location. In case of having the latest navigation system, it can also guide you about the current speed, ascent, descent, distance, and other similar data. 

These advanced gadgets even let you import routes. So, you don’t get lost on a strange path. Instead, you can use these routes for navigation.

As the navigation watch will display these paths in relation to yours. Moreover, in the case of having a GPS watch, you will even be able to track the activities. 

You can even share the data using any compatible app. Thus, a navigation watch will make you more alert of things related to your trip. 

You can keep track, maintain records, and compare the information. It can take camping fun to the next level.

Besides, it can be helpful to make you achieve any of your set goals. Now, they can be about a covered distance, speed, or any other target.

All in all, in this era of technology, these gadgets let you take the maximum benefit out of it. It doesn’t leave you to rely on guess-work only. Instead, these are here to provide accurate information.

What to look for when buying a camping/hiking watches

Here we describe what you need to look for when purchasing hiking watches:

Enhanced Functionality

There are numerous parameters options that these hiking watches can give. However, there are certain attributes that can make them the best GPS camping watches available. 

These devices allow you to choose certain fixings. For example, you can choose them to become an altimeter watch. 

Similarly, they also let you use the barometer and compass correctly. These are a few of the magnificent features that can make your gadget the best GPS watch for hiking. 

Strap Quality

This is probably the most ignored feature of hiking watches. We all consider its functioning and navigation attributes the most important thing. 

How is their strap? It is completely secondary for most of us. But, we cannot completely ignore the quality of the strap.

Wouldn’t it feel frustrating to have a strap of inappropriate size? Or, the one that is not compatible with the gadget’s elite quality. 

So, it is crucial to look for the material of the strap and its size. The straps are usually available in various materials like leather, stainless steel, rubber, or cloth. 

The material you choose should be comfortable, good-looking, and of course, durable. As we know, you won’t like replacing that watch straps periodically. 


Usually, camping watches have powerful cases and quite sturdy straps. It is because we all know the rough and tough nature of these adventures.

However, some models also contain Sapphire glass lenses as compared to mineral crystal ones. It is a synthetic sapphire that is combined with crystallized aluminum oxide. 

It is a hard transparent material that has enhanced resistance against scratches. However, we cannot deny the scratch resistance power of mineral crystal lenses. Especially nowadays, when there are tempered mineral glasses available. 


These days, many sophisticated watches also support GPS. There are some that maintain GLONASS too.

GPS is the best navigation and tracking system available out there. It gives you instant information about your location by acquiring the coordinates. 

The models with GPS can also show you other parameters. It includes speed, ascent, descent, and other GPS related information. 

You don’t know the route that your peers have already visited? In this situation, these gadgets allow you to import routes in GPX or other formats. These paths will then serve as a means of navigation.

Moreover, these hiking watches can record and share your activity details on the web or mobile apps for analysis. 

Though GPS watches are highly beneficial, there is a shortcoming too. They consume a lot of batteries and have a shorter life as a result. 

However, few come with a possible solution too. These timepieces come with rechargeable batteries. You can take a solar charger with you on a long trip to recharge its batteries. 

Heart Rate Monitor

This feature is what you will be able to get in highly sophisticated camping watches. They s are further available in two types:

  • Wrist-based monitors: These models have built-in wrist-based or optical heart rate monitors in them. While wearing them on your wrist, it will keep measuring the data.
  • Chest strap transmitter: There are other GPS watches that don’t come with a wrist-based monitor. You would need to attach a chest strap transmitter with them. 

This feature is helpful in maintaining a steady pace throughout the hiking by calculating the heart rate. It can even be helpful for those who want to lose weight. They can check at what speed they are going to achieve their target. 


No matter which gadget you are buying, comfort comes at the top. Similar is the case with camping watches. Usually, we can identify its comfort level by analyzing its strap. 

It should feel comfortable to wear. The rule is if you don’t feel like wearing a watch, it means you’ve gotten the comfortable one. 

Also, it should have vents or other means to allow airflow. Because your navigation tool is your guide, it shouldn’t irritate your skin.  

Style and Design

Undoubtedly, functioning and high-end features must be the foremost priority for these devices. But, what about wearing them in fancy meetings?

You won’t be able to put on a good image with your cutting-edge yet heavy and old-fashioned timepieces. Thus, it is important to consider the style and design of a camping watch too. 

It is mainly because, once you get used to them, you will be wearing them more often. 

Overall weight

We can proudly say, the best hiking GPS watches come with tremendous features. But, with the features, it adds some more points in their weight too.

There are exceptions too. But, generally, higher features would mean the bulkier watch. So, now it is in your hands to choose the right option carefully. 

Our recommendation

Best cheap outdoor watches

Casio SGW-1000- 1ACR. It is an ABC (Altitude, Barometer, and Compass) watch with no complicated features, and no heavy price range as well. Besides, it also contains a temperature sensor.

Just like all other products, this piece also stays true to Cassio’s reputation for strong watches. It also comes equipped with a stopwatch and alarm calendar with water-resistance of 100m. 

However, there is a shortcoming too. Its triple sensor design asks you to calibrate the sensors regularly. It might feel time-consuming at first, but you will get used to it eventually. 

Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1.This item is again one of the best cheap outdoor watches by Casio.  

It also comes with Altimeter, Barometer, and a Compass, but no navigation system. It comes with a water-resistant of 100m. It means you can wear it while swimming.

Moreover, it is also able to predict sunrise and sunset time accurately. Its size looks small and it can be a good point for a few users. However, for others, it can be a drawback as things look slightly overcrowded on it. 

Best watches for outdoor activities

Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch. Suunto is a trustworthy name when it comes to outdoor watches. It is because they have been delivering the best watches for a long time. 

The most distinguishable trait of this model is its shot detection. On firing a gun, this watch drops a pin on the GPS map. The users can detect it later on. 

Another amazing attribute is its emergency flashlight. It allows you to send emergency signals when required. Now, it is truly helpful for adventure enthusiasts.

It even allows you to set POI locations, mark trails, and to put breadcrumbs like trail back. It even comes with an option to pre-build route at your home computer. 

You can even put its GPS to power-saving mode. These are a few lavish features that make it one of the best watches for outdoor activities. 

Garmin Epix Outdoor Watch. This watch is a great combination of smartwatch, outdoor GPS, and timepiece. It comes with a 3-axis compass. Regardless of your movement, it will accurately tell you what point you are facing.

All sensors are auto-collaborating. It also contains a full-color touch screen that makes it resemble the smart watch. It can be a suitable option for those who want smart watches but tens to spend most of the time outdoors. 

Furthermore, this model has both GPS and GLONASS navigation. It also comes equipped with special modes for hiking, running, mountaineering, and other activities. 

Best navigation watch

Garmin Instinct. This Garmin Instinct comes with numerous features. It comes equipped with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo support. Thus, it is capable of offering extensive mapping coverage. 

It also contains a barometric altimeter that calculates elevation while you are climbing up the mountains. It also comes with a heart rate monitor and a long battery life. 

Garmin Fenix 6 series. This timepiece comes with all top-notch GPS watch’s features. Also, it is one of the best quality navigation watches that has a long battery life and a sturdy body.

It is capable of tracking almost everything from trail running to XC skiing, and hiking mode. There is also a heart rate monitor with recovery data and Training Effect features. 

It also gives plenty of data and the ability to upload GPX routes using Garmin Basecamp. It uses topographic maps that add another dimension to wrist-based navigation.


There were times when people used to have manual maps and compass. It used to take a lot of effort and time to locate any place. Also, the results weren’t accurate either.

But, with the passing time, we can see the field of camping watches is progressing a lot. These timepieces are capable of providing numerous valuable parameters that can elevate the outdoor fun. 

In this post, we have discussed different aspects of best camping/hiking watches along with a few recommendations. We hope it will help in choosing the right option.


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